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Settings are very important parameters that define how WizzTime works. Only the administrator is able to modify the WizzTime settings. You can access the Settings page from Manager console by clicking the Settings icon from the top navigation bar, as shown in below picture.

WizzTime – Dashboard

In the Settings page, we have three different sections, App Settings, Departments and Designations.

App Settings

WizzTime – Settings

Away Time Threshold Value

This is the minimum computer idle time, in minutes, before we consider the team member is away from his computer. The default value would be 15 minutes. You can change this value as per your requirement.

Data Upload Interval

The WizzTime Tracker that runs on team member computer would be recording the time logs and saving locally on to the computer. These recorded time logs would be uploaded to the WizzTime server at regular intervals which is 30 minutes by default. You can change the value as per your requirements. Unless the time logs pushed to WizzTime Server, the manager is not able to see the team member activity.

Date Format

You can select your required date format from the list of options available. The selected format will be applied to all dates shown in WizzTime.

Time Format

You can select your required time format, either 12 hours format or 24 hours format. The selected format will be applied to all time stamps shown in WizzTime.

Show Away Time Popup

Whenever the team member is away from the computer for more than Away Time Threshold value, upon returning to his computer WizzTime shows an Away Time Logger popup. This Popup contains the time he left the computer and how much time he was away from it and asks the team member to enter the reason for the away time.

Using this option you can control whether to show the Away Time Popup or not. If you turn off this feature, the Popup will not be displayed and the Away time will be recorded with default reason as “Away” into the database.

Away Time Popup

Once you modify the settings, click on the “Save” button to save your modifications. The team member need to restart his WizzTime Tracker application to get your modified settings.


Here you can manage the user departments. You can add all your departments where the users are working. These departments are needed while you are adding the user to WizzTime.

Settings Page – Add Departments


Here you can manage the user designations. You can add all the user designations. These designations are needed while you are adding the user to WizzTime.

Settings Page – Add Designations

App Filters

By considering the privacy of the resources, WizzTime introduced the filtration of tracked data based on Application Name.

You can insert the list of the applications of which you want to track the data through WizzTime Tracker and it will upload only that data to the server which comes under the specified application name.

If you enable this feature, you can get accurate data of your specified applications only, and not for all applications used by your resources.

Settings Page – Enable App filters

To get the accurate results, make sure you entered the accurate application name.

Settings Page – App Filters

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