User Management

You can access this page by clicking on “User Management” icon from the left side navigation bar.

Dashboard – User Management

In this module, the administrator can add managers and team members to the WizzTime and manage them. In the trial version of the WizzTime, you can add one Administrator or Manager and three team members to your account.

As an administrator, you have already consumed one manager license, so now you can add three more team members.

WizzTime – User Management

Who is Manager and Team Member?

Manager: This person creates projects in the WizzTime, add tasks and assign a resource to the tasks and monitor the progress of the Project. The manager can also actually work on tasks by login in WizzTime Tracker and get his worked hours counted.

Team Member: The person who actually work on tasks and complete them. The WizzTime Tracker will be installed on his computer to monitor his work progress.

Adding Team Members and Managers to the WizzTime

In the WizzTime, you can add team members and managers in two ways, adding one team member or manager at a time or using bulk upload.

User Management – Import Users & Add User

Adding a single team member or manager:

To add a single team member, click on “Add” button and an “Add User” popup will be opened. Under Role, select Team Member or Manager depending on the role of the person. Fill the remaining details. Once you enter all the details and click on “Add” button. Now the user will be added to the WizzTime.

User Management – Add User

By default, when you add a user to the WizzTime, that user would be on hold. When the user is on hold, no license is consumed for this user.

User Management – Hold User

To activate the user, click on the grey colored Tick mark icon under the Action section. The WizzTime asks you to confirm this action. Once you confirm it the user account will be activated and the Tick mark icon will turn into green.

User Management – Activated User
User Invitation Email

Once a manager is activated, the manager gets an Invitation email with an activation link using which he can create his WizzTime account password. Once you did that, you can log in into Manager Console.

Manager Invitation Email

Adding multiple users using bulk upload:

This bulk upload tool is really helpful if you like to add multiple team members or managers at a time to the WizzTime. You can add all your user details into an Excel sheet including both Team Members and Managers.

User Management – Import Users

Excel Template

To start the bulk upload process, click on “Import Users” button and “Import Users” popup will be opened. Click on the “Download Template” button located at the bottom of the popup. This will download an Excel file with predefined column headings in it. You need to add your user information in this file only, so that the WizzTime can understand the data. While entering the data please follow the notes provided in the Excel file.

User Management – Import User Excel Template

Importing the Excel File into the WizzTime

Once you enter all your user information into the Excel file, click on the “Import” button on “Import Users” popup and select the Excel file you filled. Now the WizzTime starts the importing process. Once the importing process completed, the result will be shown in the “Import Users” popup. 

If any entered Designation or Department not available in the WizzTime Settings, it will be inserted automatically.

User Management – Import Users Result

The WizzTime shows the team members and managers those are imported successfully and those are not. If any team member or manager not imported, the WizzTime will show you the reason in the result window.

Once the importing process completed, you need to activate the Team Member and Manager you like add to WizzTime.

User Management – Imported Users

Hold, Activate, Edit and Delete User

Whenever a user is leaving your organization or no need to track his timings, you can put his account on Hold, so that you can use that license for another user. The WizzTime always counts the Active team members and managers for license verification.

You can select multiple team members or managers at a time using the checkboxes available and change their account status.

User Management – Action Section

Hold Account:

Find the team member or manager you want to hold and click on green Tick mark icon from Action section of that row. The WizzTime will confirm this action and once you confirm, the account will be on hold and the license used for this person will be freed.

Activate Account:

Find the team member or manager you want to activate and click on grey Tick mark icon from Action section of that row. The WizzTime will confirm this action and once you confirm the account will become active and a license will be consumed for this team member or manager.

Edit Account:

You can edit the user account details by clicking the Edit Icon from the Action section of that row.

You can change the Role of User in the following conditions,

  • You can change the Role of User from Manager to Team Member if he is not managing any of the projects.
  • You can change the Role of User from Team Member to Manager at any time. But once you change a Team Member to Manager, you can not revert it back.

Note: You should have the respective licenses available in your account to change the Role of the User. Otherwise, you can purchase it at any time.

Delete Account:

You can completely delete a team member or manager from your account by clicking the Delete Icon from the Action section of that row.

You can’t delete a manager if he is managing any project.

You can’t delete a team member if the team member recorded any worked hours using the WizzTime Tracker.

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