In this module, you can see the Tasks assigned to you by your manager and you can manage them.

You can access this page by clicking on the Tasks” icon from the left side navigation bar.

WizzTime – Tasks

Once you in the Tasks page, you can see the tasks that are assigned to you based on the project you are working on.

You can see the task’s Estimated Start and End date, Estimated hours as given by your manager to finish the task, your Actual Start and End Date and Total Worked Hours you recorded for the Task.

WizzTime – Tasks

If your manager gave any Notes for the Task you can see them by hovering your mouse on the “Notes” icon.

Task History:  This feature helps you to see the complete task history, different states of the tasks and their date times. To see Task History, click on the “History” icon and a “Task History” popup will be opened with information.

Task – Task History

Set Task as a Current Task

You can set a Task on which you are currently working, as your Current Task. WizzTime will automatically assign all your work hours to your Current Task.

To set a Current Task, select a Project from the Project drop-down and check the checkbox of a Task.

Then click on the “Set Current Task” button shown in below image. You need to select only one Task to set as your current task.

Tasks – Set as Current Task

At any time you can see your Current Task as shown in below image.

Tasks – Current Task

Mark Task Completed

Once you completed your work on the task, you can mark that Task as completed.

You can mark one or more Tasks at a time as completed and submit to your manager for the approval.

To send the Tasks for approval, select a Project from the Project drop-down and check the checkbox of a Tasks you want to submit for approval.

Then click on the “Mark Completed” button.

Tasks – Mark Completed

A “Send Tasks For Approval” popup will be opened. If you need here you can add some notes to the Manager.

Click on the “OK” button and your Tasks are submitted for approval.

Tasks – Send Tasks For Approval

Your Manager will get a notification about the Tasks you submitted for approval. Until your manager takes an action on the submitted Tasks, the submitted tasks are disabled for you and you can not set them as your current task to work on them.

Tasks – Marked as Completed

Once your manager approved your submitted tasks, those tasks will be marked as completed and they are no longer available to work on them again.

If your manager wants you to work on the same task again, the manager needs to Re-Open the Task for you.

No Task

If you are not working on any specific Task, click on the “No Task” button and your Current Task will change to “No Task”. When you set your Current Task to “No Task”, your worke hours will not be assigned to any task and considered as “Un Categorized Hours”.

Tasks – Set Task as No Task

When you set your Current Task to “No Task”, your Current Task looks like as shown in below.

Tasks – No Task

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