Once you login into the WizzTime tracker, you will be presented with the Dashboard where you can see the complete overview of your activities, like, total worked hours, task status, software utilization, today’s active and away hours etc.

You can also access this page by clicking on the “Dashboard” icon from the left side navigation bar.

WizzTime – Dashboard

Viewing Your Activity

Active And Away Hours of the Day

You can see your today’s Active hours and Away hours in the top right corner.

Dashboard – Current day Active and Away Hours

Upload Data to the WizzTime Server

While you are working on the computer, the WizzTime Tracker will be running in the background, capturing your activities and will be saving the captured data locally. The captured local data will be uploaded to WizzTime server for every 30 minutes which is the default value and can be adjusted by the administrator.

If you want to upload the data immediately and don’t want to wait till next upload cycle, you can click on “Upload Now” button and the all local captured data will be uploaded immediately to the WizzTime server.

Once you upload the data to the server, you can see last upload date and time at the bottom left corner.

Dashboard – Last Uploaded On


Beside the Upload button, you will see the Bell icon which shows all notifications you got from WizzTime.

Click on “See All Notification” option and you will be redirected to the Notification page, where you can see all your notifications.

Dashboard – Notifications

Total Worked Hours

By default, you will see the current day, current week and current month’s worked hours in the Dashboard.

The first card will show you the Worked Hours you spent for the selected day, the second card will show for the selected week and the third card will show for the selected month.

Dashboard – Hours Worked

The WizzTime will give you the facility to see the previously recorded hours. To see your previous data, click on “Previous” and “Next” arrow icons of card as per your requirement.

Hours Worked – Today, In a Week and a Month

Active Hours Vs Away Hours

This is the graphical representation of the work hours and away hours in the last 30 days.

Dashboard – Last 30 days Active and Away Hours

You can hover on a day on the graph and you can see the Active and Away hours of that day as shown in below image.

Dashboard – Hover on a day to see Active and Away Hours

Software Utilization For Last 30 Days

This will show the applications you have used mostly in the last 30 days.

Dashboard – Software Utilization

Delayed Tasks And Upcoming Tasks

Here you can see the tasks that are delayed and the tasks you are yet to start.

If you are not able to complete any tasks in the given timelines, then those tasks would be considered as Delayed and it will be shown in the Delayed Tasks” section.

It will help you to understand how many tasks are running delay, by how many days you are delayed from the Estimated Completion Date of that Task.

Upcoming Tasks will show you the tasks whose Start date is greater than today and those would be your future working tasks.

Dashboard – Delayed Tasks and Upcoming Tasks

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