Time Stamps

Time stamps is a step by step view your activity, grouped by the hour.

To access this module, click on the “View” menu and select “Time Stamps”.

Navigation to the Time Stamps Form

Time Stamps form will be opened.

WizzTime – Time Stamps

You can see what you did in each hour, by clicking the arrow button before the hour text in each row. You can expand all rows at a time by clicking on the “Expand” button as shown in the picture below.

Time Stamps – Expand All Rows

Each record will show you the Start Time and End Time of the Document you worked. If you have already assigned a Task from a Project to the activity, you can see that Task Name and Project Name along with the Duration you worked.

You can see the data of any past date as per your needs. Click on the “Calendar” icon and select a Date you want.

You will see that day’s data grouped by hour.

Time Stamps – Select a Date

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