Settings are very important parameters that define how WizzTime Lite works. 

To access Settings, click on the “Tools” menu and select “Settings”.

WizzTime Lite – Access Settings

Settings form will be opened, where you can define how WizzTime will work.

WizzTime Lite – Settings Dilog Box

After modifying any settings parameters, click on the “OK” button.

WizzTime Lite – Save Settings

Once you modify any setting, you need to restart the WizzTime to reflect the modified settings.

Remind user to log away time when returning to the computer

Whenever you are away from the computer for more than Away Time Threshold value, upon returning to the computer WizzTime shows an Away Time Logger Dialog Box. This dialog box contains the time you left the computer and how much time you are away from it and asks you to enter the reason for the away time.

Using this option you can control whether to show the Away Time Popup or not. If you uncheck this feature, the Popup will not be displayed and the Away time will be recorded with default reason as “Away” into the database.

WIzzTime Lite – Idle Popup

Threshold Value

This is the minimum computer idle time, in minutes, before we consider user is away from the computer. The default value would be 30 minutes. You can change this value as per your requirement.

Show Notifications

This feature will remind you if you spend more time than the “Notification Interval” value on your computer. If you are working on any task, a notification will show you that you are working on the same task and if you are not working on any task then the notification will show that you are working on “No Task”.

To change your Task, click on “Change Task” at the bottom of the popup, it will redirect to “Change Task” modal window where you can change the current task.

If your work is already completed on the task then click on “No Task” at the bottom of the popup, it will remove your current task.

WizzTime Lite – Notification Popup

Notification Interval

This is the minimum computer time, in hours, which will remind you about your current task.

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