Resource Allocation Report

You can generate various flexible reports to find the time spent on each project or a task or a document by the Team Member, between a selected date range.

WizzTime gives you seven types of reports,

This report will show you the date wise tasks allocated to the resources in a calendar form. It will help you to easily understand a selected resource’s work schedule for a month at a glance.

Generate Resource Allocation Report

You can access this page by clicking on the “Resource Allocation” menu under “Reports” section from the left side navigation bar.

Dashboard – Resource Allocation Report

By default, you will see the calendar of the current month.

Resource allocation Report

To check the data, select a resource from the Resource drop-down as shown below.

Resource Allocation Report – Select Resource

Once you select a resource, it will show you all the tasks allocated to that resource in this month and hence you can analyze the selected resource’s utilization for the complete month.

Resource Allocation Report – Data

You can see the legends at the top right corner of the calendar, which represents the task status as Open, Pending For Approval and Closed respectively.

The colors of the legends will help you to differentiate the status of the tasks easily.

To see task information click on a task. A small window will be open with the task details like what is the Start Date, End Date of the task and what are the Estimated Hours and what are the actual worked hours recorded so far for the task, etc.

Resource Allocation Report – Task Information

You can switch between the months by clicking on previous and next icons from the top right corner of the calendar.

Resource Allocation Report – Previous or Next Month

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