Project Statistics

The Project Statistics gives you a clear picture of your project’s status.

You can access this page by clicking on Projects -> Project Statistics menu from the left side navigation bar.

Dashboard – Project Statistics

Clicking here will redirect you to the Project Statistics Page.

WizzTime – Project Statistics

The Project Statistics in the WizzTime has the following sections:

  • Top cards showing Progress and Hours data
  • Project Hours In Last 30 Days
  • Task Status
  • Resource Statistics
  • Resource Utilization

You need to select a Client and Project for which you want to see the statistics data. Click on the Client drop-down and select a “Client”.

Project Statistics – Select a Client

After you selected the Client, click on the Project drop down and select a “Project”.

Project Statistics – Select a Project

You can see the statistics data for selected project.

Project Statistics – Data

You can check the detailed sections described below.

Top Cards

  • Estimated Progress:  This is the progress of the project supposed to be achieved by this time, based on the task schedule.
  • Actual Progress: The current progress of the project, based on the completed task schedule.
  • Estimated Hours: The total hours of Tasks.
  • Worked Hours: The total time worked on the project by the resources assigned to the project.
  • Hours Awaiting For Approval: The total worked hours of the tasks which are waiting for approval.
  • Approved hours: The total worked hours of all approved tasks.
Project Statistics – Progress and Hours data

Project Hours In Last 30 Days

As a Manager, your main concentration is the billable worked hours of the team members. You can check, on which date the team worked for how many hours on a specific project.

Here, you can see all the hours spent on a project in last 30 days.

Project Statistics – Project Hours In Last 30 Days

You can hover on a date to see the hours worked on the particular date.

Project Statistics – Hover on date

Task Status

You can see the status of all tasks in a project using this feature of WizzTime. Here you can check how many tasks are Completed, In Progress, Awaiting For Approval and Not Started Yet.

Project Statistics – Task Status

Resource Statistics

You can also check the efficiency of the team members working on a project. It will give you a clear idea on how many hours tasks you assigned to a team member and the worked hours of a team member to finish it.

  • Assigned hours: The total of all estimated hours of tasks that are assigned to a team member.
  • Progress: This is the percentage of the tasks completed by a team member so far.
  • Efficiency: This is the efficiency of a team member calculated by WizzTime based on the time a team member took to finish his assigned tasks.
  • Overall status: This is the status of the team member whether he is OnTime or Delayed while working on a project.
    • OnTime: If the user completes his tasks in the given timelines, then the user considered as OnTime.
    • Delayed – If the user not able to complete his tasks in his the given timelines, then the user considered as Delayed.
Project Statistics – Resource Statistics

Resource Utilization

This is the graphical representation of the total Worked hours of all team members.

Project Statistics – Resource Utilization

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