Detail Activity Report

You can generate various flexible reports to find the time spent on each project or a task or a document by the Team Member, between a selected date range.

WizzTime gives you five types of reports,

Managers can apply various filters to the data recorded and export reports as per their needs. For instance, if you want to check the detail activities of a User, you can get the “Detail Activity” report from WizzTime.

Generate Detail Activity Report

You can access this page by clicking on the “Detail Activity” menu under the “Reports” icon from the left side navigation bar.

Dashboard – Detail Activity Report

If you want to see the detailed data of each activity done by a User like the time spent on each document, application or URL. You can see the detail report as below.

WizzTime – Detail Activity Report

To get the detail activity of a User, Click on the “Resource Name” drop-down and select a resource.

Detail Activity Report – Select Team Member

You will get each and every data recorded for that resource as shown in the picture below.

Detail Activity Report – Data For Selected Team Member

You can hide or show any column as per your requirements.

To hide the columns click on the “Select Columns” drop-down shown at the top right corner and uncheck the checkboxes columns which you want to hide, it will hide those columns from the records.

Detail Activity Report – Hide Columns

If you want to show those columns again, you have to check the unchecked checkboxes, and the columns will appear again.

Detail Activity Report – Show Columns

Filter the data by Application and Document Name

You can filter the detail activity report data based on the Application Name and Document Name. As well as you can hide the rows from the data below 5 min.

To apply the filters on the data, click on the “Filter” icon at the top right corner. It opens a small search pop up, enter the Application Name and Document Name as per your requirement and click on the “Search” button, which will filter the data.

Detail Activity Report – Filter

You can see the example shown below to apply a filter on the data by “Application Name”.

Detail Activity Report – Filter on Application Name

You can see data only for the application name you entered.

Detail Activity Report – Filtered data by Application Name

The WizzTime will give you the facility to apply a grouping filter on the columns. It will group your data and generate the report as per your needs.

To apply the grouping filter, you need to drag a column in the top row of the table, as shown in the picture below.

Detail Activity Report – How to drag a Column

If you want to generate a report based on Process Name, you have to drag a “Process Name” column.

Detail Activity Report – Group by Process Name

Once you drop the column it will generate a report as shown in below picture.

Detail Activity Report – Data grouped by Process Name

You can apply the grouping on one or more columns. If you see the image below, the grouping is applied on “Date” and “Process Name” columns.

Detail Activity Report – Multiple column Filter

If you want to remove grouping applied to the data, click on the “Close” icon and it will show you the data in regular format.

Detail Activity Report – Removing Filter

You can select the date range by clicking on the “Calendar” icon shown at the top right corner of the card. You can see the data of today, last 7 days, a month or you can also select a custom date range as per your needs.

Detail Activity Report – Last 7 Days Data

If you want to check the data between a specific date range, select a “Custom range” option from the drop-down. Select the dates you want and click on the “Apply” button.

Detail Activity Report – Activities between custom dates

You can export the report you have generated in excel file at any time. To do so, click on the “Export To Excel” button.

Detail Activity Report – Export To Excel

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