Detail Activity Report

This module helps you to generate your Detail Activity Report through WizzTime.

To access this module, click on the “Reports” menu and select “Detail Activity”.

Navigation to the Detail Activity Report Form

A Detail Activity form will be opened. By default, it will show today’s data.

WizzTime – Detail Activity Report

Generate report based on Date Range

You can select the date range by clicking on “From Date” and “To Date”. Once you select the dates, you will see the data between the selected date range.

Detail Activity Report – Custom Date Range

Filter the data by Application, Document Name and URL

You can filter the detail activity report data based on the Application Name, Document Name and URL. As well as you can hide the rows with duration up to 5 min.

To apply the filters on the data, enter the Application Name you want to search and click on the “Search” button.

Detail Activity Report – Filters

You can see data filtered now and the report shows only the records whose “Application Name” contains “Chrome” in it.

Detail Activity Report – Filtered Data By Application Name

Once you generate the report, you can Export it to Excel file for further use.

Detail Activity Report – Export to Excel

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