Change Task

This module will allow you to set any Task as your current working Task.

Once you set a Task as your current Task, WizzTime will automatically record your Active hours for that Task.

To access this module, click on “Tools” menu and select “Change Current Task”.

WizzTime – Change Current Task

Change Current Task form will be opened.

By default, the first project has selected and its Tasks list has displayed as shown in the picture below.

WizzTime – Change Current Task Form

To change the current Task, select a project from Project drop-down, it will show the Task list of the selected Project.

Change Task – Select Project

Click on the Task you want to set as a Current Task and click on the “Set as Current Task” button.

Change Task – Set Task As Current Task

WizzTime will show you a success message as shown below, click on “OK”.

Change Task – Task is set as Current Task

You will see your selected Task is set as a current Task and shown at the top right corner of the form.

Current Task
Current Task

Once you set any task as a current Task, “No Task” button gets enabled at the bottom right corner of the form. If you click on “No Task” button it will remove your Current Task.

Once you remove your Current Task, active hours will record without any task assigned to them.

Change Task Form – No Task

Once you click on “No Task”, your current task gets removed.

No Task Success

Mark Task as Completed

You can mark a Task as completed. To do so, select a Task and click on “Mark as Completed” button.

Mark Task as Completed

Your Task will be marked as completed in WizzTime and you can see the Task Status has turned from “Open” to “Close”.

Marked Task as Completed

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