Account Registration

To register your WizzTime account, go to and download the application from the “WizzTime Lite” section.

WizzTime Website – Downloads Page

You can go to and click on “Start Free Trial” button in WizzTime Lite section. Your Lite application will be downloaded.

WizzTime Website – Pricing Page

Click on the application you downloaded and it will start installation.

Read and Accept the agreement and click on the “Next” button.

License Agreement

Click on the “Install” button to continue with the installation.

Ready to Install

Once the installation completed successfully, you will see the window shown below. Click on the “Finish” button.

A WizzTime Registration window will be opened. WizzTime will give you 14 days FREE Trial.

Registration Form

To get the 14 days Trial license, enter the “Email” and click on the “Get Trial License” button.

Registration Form – Get Trial License

WizzTime will show you the success alert message as shown below.

You will receive an Email from WizzTime with the license file.

Email With Trial License File

Now, open the registration form again and enter the same email address which you have used while doing the registration. Select the license file you received from WizzTime and click on the “Activate” button.

Activate Trial License

Once your registration is completed successfully, WizzTime will show you the alert message and your 14 days Trial is started.

Registration Success

While doing registration, if you selected a wrong license file, WizzTime will show you the alert message as shown below.

Invalid License Alert

If the trial account is already present for your entered Email or Machine ID, WizzTime will show you the alert message.

License Exists

If your Trial account is expired, WizzTime will show you the message as shown in the picture below.

Registration – Trial Expired

Please follow the instructions and for any query feel free to contact WizzTime Support at any time.

Welcome to WizzTime!

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