Remove Task from the Time Logs

You can remove a Task from the Time Logs and WizzTime will remove that time from total worked hours of that Task. Using “Summary Sheet” page, you can remove the Task from the Active or Away Time Logs. To access this page click on the “Summary Sheet” icon from the […]

Assign Task to the Time Logs

You can assign a Task to the Time Logs and WizzTime will consider that time as a worked hours of the assigned Task. Using “Summary Sheet” page, you can assign any open Task to the Active or Away Time. You can access the page by clicking on the “Summary Sheet” […]

Away Time Editing

You can edit the Away Time log in WizzTime either by Splitting it into multiple records or by editing the Description of it. To Split Away Time or Edit Away Time Description, click on the “Summary Sheet” icon in the navigation bar. You will see “Away Time” tab, click on […]

Manual Time Entry

WizzTime’s this feature will help you to count the hours as working hours, which you have spent away from your computer for official work. It may be the Meeting or Phone call with a Client or Work from home etc. You can still assign a Task to those hours and […]

Task Progress Report

This module will give you the total worked hours on each Task. To access this module, click on the “Reports” menu and select “Task Progress”. A Task Progress form will be opened. It will show each task you worked on between the date range you selected. By default, you can […]

Summary Sheet

Summary Sheet is a view where you can see your activity grouped by Application Name and Document Name. To access this module, click on the “View” menu and select “Summary Sheet”. A Summary Sheet form will be opened. In Summary Sheet, you can see two categories of time, Active Time […]

Purchase Lite License

You can purchase WizzTime Lite License for the lifetime, at any time in your Trial plan. You have to purchase it through WizzTime website’s Pricing page. You can directly go to, or you can go through WizzTime application. Click on the “Help” menu and select “Register WizzTime Lite”. A […]

Lite User Portal

Lite User portal will help you to manage Lite Licenses of the team. You can also check the Transaction History of your WizzTime purchase in the portal. Once you purchase WizzTime successfully you will get the login portal credentials through an email. Click on URL mentioned in the email, you […]

Account Registration

To register your WizzTime account, go to and download the application from the “WizzTime Lite” section. You can go to and click on “Start Free Trial” button in WizzTime Lite section. Your Lite application will be downloaded. Click on the application you downloaded and it will start installation. […]

Change Task

This module will allow you to set any Task as your current working Task. Once you set a Task as your current Task, WizzTime will automatically record your Active hours for that Task. To access this module, click on “Tools” menu and select “Change Current Task”. Change Current Task form […]